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REVIEW | Hunter's Moon by David Devereux (Gollancz)

Hunter's Moon was a book I bought pretty randomly. It is actually hard to get in the US as Gollancz only publishes it in the UK, but has it readily available so when I needed to hit the free shipping I added it on. I thought I was in store for a a fairly dark urban fantasy as I like me some dark fantasy, but this one definitely pushes the envelope almost past the point of my comfort level. So be forewarned fucked-up shit abounds in Hunter's Moon. There is more sex, druggings, brainwashing, and beatings in this slim 250 page volume than 3 of the most violent movies you can think of. Hunter's Moon is told from the point of view of a secret British agent working to stop the forces of evil from doing bad things with magic. Let's call the agent Jack as he never reveals his real name and uses a couple other alias as the story moves along. The thing to know about Jack is that he is not averse to using black magic or committing serve bodily harm to accomplish his goals. In fact that is his preferred method. He is a mix of James Bond, the evil parts of the Nightside's John Taylor, one part Felix Castor without the remorse all the while fueled with sex, drugs, and tai chi. Told in a very bristling pace I had to take a couple breaks between reading just to absorb all the action. This is most definitely a boy book so I'd tell the females to pass over it unless you are into S&M mixed with magic. The people in this book aren't doing it for love and most parties involved barely know what is going on. I give Hunter's Moon 7.5 out of 10 hats. The paperback follow-up Eagle Rising came out this past March and the mass market is schedule for March 2010. I may check out the 2nd book in the series, but I'll wait for the mass market release in the states. Book link: US UK Canada


ediFanoB said...

After reading your review I won the impression that this isn't a book for me.
So your review was helpful for me. Thank you.

The Mad Hatter said...

It is definitely not for everyone. I'd say if you are very into The Dresden Files and you want something much more hardcore than go for it. Otherwise pass.