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REVIEW | Vicious Circle (Felix Castor) by Mike Carey (Grand Central)

Vicious Circle is the second Felix Castor novel by Mike Carey who is best known as occult comic writer of Hellblazer and Lucifer. I've had the hardcover sitting on my shelf for a while and with the mass market edition coming out in the states I thought this would be a good time to catch up. I'm sorry I waited so long as Vicious Circle was even more entertaining than the first volume The Devil You Know which introduced the characters and setting well. There are ghosts, spirit-possessed zombies, werewolves, succubi, and demons aplenty for any horror lover in a world where they are free to roam and becoming all too commonplace.

 This is one of the few series books I've read that I feel could be read without reading the first volume although it certainly helps to have read the first. Carey's work in graphic novels shines through in this darkly written noir where professional exorcist Castor is in search of a missing ghost.

Castor is a very detached person yet I easily found a connection with him as he is very believable. Carey has managed to create a character in Felix Castor that is resourceful, rude, and sweetly demonic at times all with the bravado of a seasoned investigator. Castor's quick wit is possibly the best part of the book as he isn't afraid to tell someone off even when tied to a chair.

At the beginning there was almost too much going on with a multitude of seemingly unconnected sub-plots that were masterly pulled together in the end. All in all this is a read that in lesser hands would have fallen apart. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is how each exorcist is able to use their talent with spirits such as Castor's use of a tin whistle to bind ghosts. My biggest gripe is not being able to get more involved with the characters as Castor keeps getting pulled into more and more problems with little time spend with most of the supporting cast. Vicious Circle is one of those books you wish were another 100 pages that keeps you up well past your bedtime as you wonder "How the hell is he gonna get out of this?" I give Vicious Circle 8.5 out of 10 Hats. The 3rd volume Dead Men's Boots will be released shortly in the US and I plan on picking up a copy. If you are into Urban Fantasy or supernatural themed Thrillers do yourself a favor and try this series out. Carey is setting this series up for some big things and I plan on being there for it.

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Scott said...

This series is awesome so far. In the UK they are already up to book 4 so it's behind schedule here in the U.S. but book 1 and 2 were both awesome.

Jared said...

I like this series as well... I've mixed emotions about the latest book (4). The first three books were terrific mysteries with an occult twist - book 4, however, seems to be more focused on world-building and the meta-plot. Still good, but, that's less interesting to me.

(Recently reviewed Dead Men's Boots if that helps - spoiler free)