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CHARACTER INTERVIEW | Alexia and Lord Maccon from Gail Carriger's Soulless

Gail Carriger has been all over the blogosphere (as she should be) raising interest in her first book Soulless, Book the First in the Parasol Protectorate series featuring heroine Alexia Tarabotti, which my wife and I recently enjoyed (review here).   I wanted an opportunity to converse with Gail about Soulless, but worried many of the bases had already been covered in her other interviews.  So in honor of Mad Hatter Day I extended an offer to host tea with Alexia and Lord Maccon with the hopes they'd agree to a short interview, which was enthusiastically received as who can turn down an offer of tea, especially when it is served by none other then The Mad Hatter.  Enjoy and have a happy Mad Hatter Day!

MH: Thank you for gracing my Gentle Readers with your presence. It is a great honor to have both of you here.

ALEXIA: Delighted.

LORD MACCON: Of course, of course.

MH: Now, Alexia, my dear, what made you choose someone such as Gail Carriger to chronicle your life story? And why do you think other people would want to hear about you traipsing about with Werewolves and Vampires? This is most unbecoming information concerning a well-bred lady such as yourself.

ALEXIA: Well, the horrible little strumpet chronicled my doings entirely without my knowledge or approval. Naturally, I am considering legal action, but right this moment I simply don't have the time to chase after a minor American authoress with delusions of grandeur. Really, what one has to wonder is, how does she get all of her information?

LORD MACCON (under his breath): Lord Akeldama perhaps?

MH: What unfolds during the telling of Soulless?

ALEXIA: I suppose, since the so-called Ms Carriger has gone around writing inappropriate novels sullying my name, I might simply relay the gist of the matter. I go around, in a perfectly respectable way, looking for clues as to the appearance of these unexpected vampires and Lord Maccon here keeps getting in my way.

LORD MACCON: Funnily enough, I was going to say exactly the same thing, only with a reversal of roles.

MH: Where does one purchase a silver-tipped parasol these days?

ALEXIA: Initially Boodles & Figglesworth on Bond Street were very accommodating, but these days I am dealing with new purveyor of fine and slightly deadly accessories. I, of course, would not be so lacking in circumspection as to reveal the nature of this source, however, considering the rudely intrusive nature of that scandal-monger Carriger's scribbles, I suspect all may be revealed in the not too distant future.

MH: In that you are known to be a strong willed woman. How do you think that affects public opinion of you? Does the negative commentary overwhelm your reputation or are their advantages to your unique personality?

ALEXIA: A pox upon public opinion. Oh, please excuse my crass language, but I do get riled up on this matter. What good, I ask you, has public opinion ever done anyone? Except perhaps an actress or two. I will say that not giving a fig for the general approval of others allows me a certain amount of leeway and liberty, that, were I more conscientious of the fine feelings of others, might not ordinarily be the case.

MH: What kind of evolution have you encountered since you've become involved with one another?

ALEXIA: I have evolved to find him increasingly more annoying.

LORD MACCON: And I to find her less so.

ALEXIA: Fortunately for both of us, I am finding that I rather enjoy living life in a mild state of annoyance.

MH: Alexia, tea is most important to all of us civilized beings. What is your favorite tea and where is the best place in the world to enjoy it?

ALEXIA: Oh, I'm terribly prosaic in my choice of tea, I'm ashamed to admit. Nothing frilly for me, a nice full-bodied robust tea, like Assam, with a generous doll-up of milk is all I require to feel at ease with the world. And the best place to enjoy such a tea? A small flower garden in the late summer in the early afternoon. Perfection incarnate.
MH: As you may be aware I have a great proclivity to hats, so I simply must know, what was the most ghastly hat ever worn by Miss Ivy Hisselpenny?

ALEXIA: Oh dear. It was horrible, a recent purchase, for she only seems to be getting worse with age. It was a toque covered in purple tweed with black ball fringe edging, purple taffeta ruffles, a bird, a bow, grey ostrich feathers, and this black and white feather puff at the end of a length of wire that looked like she was being stalked by a jellyfish. I shudder to recall it.

MH: That does sound dreadful.  Did you ever learn more regarding the octopus insignia?

LORD MACON: I'm afraid, considering BUR regulations, I'm unable to answer that question.

ALEXIA: Unfortunately, he gave me almost exactly the same answer, impossible man. I thought I might consult with Lord Akeldama on the subject.

LORD MACON: Oh did you?

MH: Lord Maccon, for our Gentle Readers can you describe what your transformation feels like?

LORD MACCON: Ah, yes well, it is highly unpleasant. The process does involve bones actually breaking and then reforming, you understand? Oh dear, I do apologize for offending any ladies present with such crass speech. Lyall is always having to remind me of such things. Perhaps I should leave it there.

MH: What is one thing about each of you that most people do not know?

LORD MACCON: Before metamorphosis, I used to be a rather well known opera singer – bass-baritone.

ALEXIA: That is a slightly intrusive question, don't you find? Would you mind if I were terribly frivolous with my answer? I love marmalade.

MH: I enjoy a nice spoon full of marmalade as well.  Can you give us any insight as to where the next volume Changeless, Book the Second will take you?

ALEXIA: Well, I don't mind telling you, since you seem to me more circumspection then that Carriger harridan. I have a feeling I shall have my hands through coping with a certain errant werewolf of note, and I believe there may be extensive travel involved.

LORD MACCON: It will take me into no end of trouble, knowing Alexia.

MH: Thank you both for you time and civility. I so look forward to hear about your latest happenings.

Look for a short interview with Lord Akeldama tomorrow (now posted here) in which he says things that many others would generally not.

Alternatively: pick your poison: Friend or follow Gail on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, or Blogspot. Options options! Or join The Parasol Protectorate facebook group and take over the world one sip of tea at a time. You can also play the Alexia paper-doll dress up game.

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Noel said...

This was absolutely fantastic. <3

Anonymous said...

I love the interplay between Alexia and Maccon. Now I'll check out Soulless.

Gail Carriger said...

Boo, back again. Would it be alright with you. if my Polish editor translated this interview for their website?