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Do you know this Sci-Fi story?

I received an e-mail from a reader looking for a little help on finding out the title and author of a story they remember somewhat. Let's see if this crowdsourcing thing really works. Here is the reader's note:

I'm hoping you can help me or direct me in the right direction to find information on a story I listened to in the mid- to late-90s.

The story was of two warring alien races that come to earth. One was a larger, human-like race that was described as having skin like a pig. The other was a large cat or bear like race that associated humans as being related the other alien race. They dominate and control the humans as a large fleet of the human-like aliens is on the way. One scene I remember well is a human uprising where the leader of the hairy aliens unleashes a weapon of "nanobot-like" (not a term from the book, something I'm using for descriptive purposes) devices that eats the flesh off of the crowd where they stand. The turn of the story is when the hairy aliens realize that humans are more closely related to them than the hairless, human-like aliens and that they must fight for the earth against the invading fleet.

The majority of the story is told from the perspective of a human cop and the hairy alien general. Obviously my memories are a bit faded and I cannot remember the title, author, character names or even the names of the alien races involved. If you have any ideas of what this might be or where I could turn to find out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Just to specify the timeline a little, I listened to audio cassette audiobook version of this story in the mid-90's. All that would say is that it had to be published before then but could have been anytime before that. I wouldn't think it would have been published earlier than the early 80's just from my impression of the technology discussed. But again, the memory has faded and I may be wrong on publishing timeframe. Hope that can help someone figure this out for me.
If the story sounds familiar at all please comment even if you aren't sure.  Let the hunt begin!

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Antonakis said...

For a moment the description of the alien races reminded me a bit of some weird alien races from the ringworld books but the plot doesn't ring a bell unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

May want to post this here:

I am not sure if they can help, but they might be able to.