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NEWS | New Sanderson YA Novel

Information on these projects is still sparse, but it is certainly good to know they're on the way. First Brandon Sanderson has signed with Gollancz in the UK and Delecorte in the US for his first official YA novel called Steelheart. This is a project Sanderson has mentioned in passing a few times generally called his Superhero apocalypse and originally written in 2010, but put on the& back-burner due to other projects. Here is the description taken from Gollancz's announcement:
The first novel of Sanderson’s new series, STEELHEART, follows David – a teenager in the city that was once called Chicago – as he searches for the extraordinarily powerful Epic named Steelheart, who killed his father. Steelheart possesses the strength of ten men and can control the elements. It is said no bullet can harm him, no sword can split his skin, no explosion can burn him. Nobody fights back… nobody but the Reckoners.

A shadowy group of ordinary humans, the Reckoners spend their lives studying Epics, finding their weaknesses, and then taking them out. For the death of his father, David wants to be there for the kill. For years, like the Reckoners, David has been studying, and planning, and he has something they need. Not an object, but an experience. He’s seen Steelheart bleed.

STEELHEART takes an action-heavy plot, layers in complexity, and delivers twists and a breathtaking conclusion, as David and the Reckoners try to undo the dystopia the Epics have created. According to Sanderson’s agent Eddie Schneider, STEELHEART has entered preliminary negotiations for a major Hollywood deal.
Steelheart should be out in the Fall in both the US and UK. I have to reiterate that Brandon Sanderson is still a juggernaut of an author and is showing no signs of slowing. We've already talked about the shorter works he has brewing this year and next year we'll have the last Wheel of Time, Steelheart, and quite possibly the long awaited The Rithmatist, which is his chalk magic book. And I have a feeling he'll have at least one more surprise in store for us.

The next big tidbit is that I found a listing for John Scalzi's next book from Tor titled The Human Division. No other information is available, but it looks like it will be out in April. I can't judge by the title whether it is related to his other books. If anyone has insights feel free to chime in. I'm still hoping for a sequel to my favorite Scalzi, The Android's Dream. It is also worth noting this will be out less than a year after Redshirts. So Scalzi is no slouch either.

UPDATE: See John Scalzi's comments as the listing on Amazon is a snafu of some sort. This is hardly the first time I've run afoul with news from Amazon and it probably won't be the last.

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John Scalzi said...

As I am not writing a novel called "The Human Division," I am surprised to see you announce that I am.

I am indeed writing something new for Tor, but it won't be out in April and in any event me writing something new for Tor is what I'm generally doing, and not especially noteworthy. I am not talking about what I'm writing now (except to say the public title I refer to it as is "The Spank Chronicles, Part One: The Spankening") because I like to make sure what I'm writing is done before I promise people it's on the way.

Somewhat related, be aware that that I occasionally sign contracts for works that don't appear but then later show up in tracking systems. For example, a couple of years ago a Canadian retailer announced my novel "The Big One" would be available on January 1st; I never wrote that novel (its contract was shifted to Zoe's Tale).

Likewise, "The High Castle," which in the paperback of "Fuzzy Nation" was listed as "upcoming." Well, it's possible it is, but I've not gotten anywhere close to writing it yet.

Mad Hatter Review said...

The post has been duly noted as being erroneous. Hardly the first time Amazon has been wrong. Thanks for clearing that up.

I owe you a handjob. Those who have read Redshirts will get that. Those who haven't will just think I'm a perv.

John Scalzi said...

No worries!

Paul Weimer said...

The Brandon Sanderson magic card cracks me up. :)

Mad Hatter Review said...

Thanks. I like screwing around with photoshop a bit too much sometimes.