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MISHMASH | Brent Weeks's Black Prism Description, Another Gaiman Odd Story, & a New Cover

Not much has been released previously about Brent Weeks's next series Black Prism except this small blurb found on the Brent Weeks site:
It’s set in a new world. Think more 1500 Mediterranean Sea, rudimentary fire arms and magic together. Woot. But don’t worry, it’s not a pirates-and-their-peg-legged-mateys book. Cross my heart. But there are awesome characters, lots of action, much cooler magic this time out, secrets, lies, betrayal, and butt-kicking. You know, the good stuff. 
But I have finally tracked down a somewhat meatier description [Edit: Weeks has said through Twitter that this is no longer totally accurate so beware as he is still writing]:

The world attempts to heal in the aftermath of a savage war, which took place sixteen years ago. Now all is ordered and controlled by the world's only magic school, the Chromeria, which keeps a tight political reign on all nations through its acolytes' highly-sought abilities. By manipulating the colour spectrum, these gifted individuals gain access to great power, and the head of the Chromeria is the most powerful of his generation. Supposedly. Gavin defeated his malevolent twin Jarven at the height of the last war but Jarven's prison won't hold him for much longer. Balance is vital in a world where magic controls all from the weather, to the harvest to war. Now that balance is about to change.
It looks as though the first volume from Black Prism is tentatively set for an August 2010 release in the UK from Orbit. Orbit's UK and US schedules are generally pretty close so we should see it here in the states around the same time.  Given Weeks's receiving New York Times Best-seller status I'd expect a hardcover release.

One of my earliest reviews was for Matthew Sturges's Midwinter (seen here), which I enjoyed quite a bit more than most other reviewers it seems.  It was an early candidate for one of my top reads of the year, but given the exceptional reads that have come out since it has fallen down the ladder somewhat.  However, I'm still looking forward to the follow-up The Office of Shadow, which Pyr has just released the cover for with the art done by Chris McGrath.  The Office of Shadow should be released the first half of 2010.

Lastly, over at Amazon UK they have listed a new book called The Tales of Odd by Neil Gaiman.  This edition will have the entirety of Odd and the Frost Giants and a second Odd story which continues his journey.   Here is the description to The Tales of Odd:
The two stories in this exciting novella follow the adventures of the intrepid young Viking Odd. As a brave and solitary twelve-year-old, in the first tale, he endeavours to free three Norse Gods trapped in the bodies of an eagle, a bear and a fox; then, in the second, a few years older, taller and stronger he sets off on a testing and epic journey to the Holy City of Jerusalem. But of course with Neil Gaiman's wit and style the stories transcend the normal and become humorous, rich and layered tales of a life lived courageously.
My bet willl be that the second Odd story will be published solo in the US next year.  As a reminder, the first 25 pages or so of Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Front Giant's is available here.

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Cindy said...

It's book covers like the office of Shadow that make me want to get my butt in gear and read faster.

I've had Brent Weeks on my to read pile for over a year and just never got around to it. :(