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Covers Unveiled for Brandon Sanderson, Chris Wooding, & Pierre Peval

Quite a few new covers have been released recently with Gollancz's new catalog for the latter half of the year some of which have been seen other places, but I still wanted to show these off for one reason or another.  Also, note some of these covers are probably not in their final form.  First up we have the UK version of The Way of Kings, which echoes the look and style of the UK Mistborn covers, but falls short of the coolness of those. Also, I have to question the logic in staying to the same look for The Stormlight Archive since that is going to be a very long series (10+ books).  It would seem deserving of a look all its own at least with the type if not the art concept.

Retribution Falls blew me away recently and now we have the second Tale of the Ketty Jay Black Lung Captain to gander at and get our saliva percolating in anticipation.  The cover is in the class of the first with another gorgeous piece by Stephan Martiniere. Also, the short synopsis has been released.

Buckle up for heist action, thievery, shoot-outs and double-crossing galore

Darian Frey is down on his luck. He can barely keep his squabbling crew fed and his rickety aircraft in the sky. So when Captain Grist meets him, with news of a crashed aircraft laden with treasure, Frey is up for a death-or-victory getrich-quick scheme. If Grist is telling the truth then there’s a fortune up for grabs; it’s going to take all of Frey’s considerable skill at lying,cheating and stealing to get his hands on it...

Pierre Pevel's The Cardinal's Blades has been gaining nice accolades in the UK with liking it to an Alexandre Dumas novel crossed with dragons.  It has been translated from French and Pyr will be publishing The Cardinal's Blade in the next 12 months or so with the follow-up The Alchemist in the Shadows to follow, which is shown above. Pyr has also mention they'll be keeping the UK cover art, which is a smart idea, especially given both are done by Jon Sullivan, the artist behind many of my favorite recent covers including the US launch of The Shadows of the Apt series.  The cover is a little on the low resolution side, but I found the original art on Sullivan's site, which shows it off quite well.

Welcome to Paris in 1633, where dragons menace the realm. Cardinal Richelieu knows that France is under threat once again, and aims to counter it with his most trusted men: the Cardinal’s Blades. But they’re up against a man as elusive as he is manipulative, as subtle as Richelieu himself. The Alchemist in the shadows... Packed with beautiful, dangerous women, dashing rogues, and dragons, this is another triumph from Pierre Pevel.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't a big fan of the Whelan version of The Way of the Kings, but I love the colours. The UK version just seems so drab.

That should be Retribution Falls, not Redemption Falls!

Just my 2 cents


Mad Hatter Review said...

D'oh! Fixed. Thanks.