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Covers Unveiled for Ian's Tregillis' The Coldest War & Bitter Seeds

Ian Tregillis' debut Bitter Seeds garnered quite a bit of praise when it was released last year quickly making him a new voice in Alternative History Fiction melding dark forces, strange science, and the events of WWII into a gripping narrative.  It was only a few months ago that it was unclear what was happening with Ian Tregillis' Milkweed Triptych as there was no sight of the sequel The Coldest War. Word soon came that they landed with a new editor and a new cover approach would happen for the mass market release of Bitter Seeds to match the change in direction for The Coldest War in hopes of striking a different cord and widening the audience. Now feast your eyes on the new cover for Bitter Seeds.

The artist chosen for the new look is none other than Chis McGrath, who has been the fix-it man for Tor the past couple years coming in for the new look behind Ken Scholes' The Psalms of Isaak series as well. And here is the first look for The Coldest War.

Both designs are quite eye catching showcasing the action aspects of the series with The Coldest War particularly grabbing me with its Military Sci-Fi flare. And best of all I don't feel like I've seen these Chris McGrath pieces as I have with some of his other work.

The mass market of Bitter Seeds will hit shelves next year sometime in early May. No official date has been released for The Coldest War, but Tor's traditional schedule calls for a new series hardcover to follow a mass market release by a month or two, so hopefully we'll be seeing it in June or July.

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Aidan Moher said...


Dave said...

I think they're pretty cool. Never heard of Bitter Seeds before though.

Mad Hatter Review said...

Aidan care to elaborate? I know it is a big departure from the hardcover of Bitter Seeds. Still they look like good action movie posters.

Mad Hatter Review said...

Dave, check out my review of >Bitter Seeds or the interview with Ian.

Aidan Moher said...

Just more schlocky Chris McGrath work. I like his artwork, but it's just too oversaturated on the market now. The typography on the covers is decent, but it just doesn't have the chutzpah or originality of the original cover for Bitter Seeds. Despite owning a copy, I still pick up Bitter Seeds nearly every time I'm at the bookstore, just because the cover is so attractive. These, I'd pass over without a second look. They just look like more zombie novels. I'd be fine if they were changing the style for the paperbacks, but to switch up the style of the hardcovers is frustrating. It's almost exactly the same unfortunate treatment that they gave to Ken Scholes's Psalms of Issak series.

Douglas Hulick said...

For me, the original hardcover art looked interesting and different and unique enough to give me pause. Just seeing it on-line put the book on my radar and kept it there.

The new covers, by contrast, while striking, wouldn't grab me as hard. Maybe it's because they look so much like movie posters, or your more typical brooding/action book -- I don't know. I might still pick them up if I were in the book store, but I don't think they would stick in my consciousness as hard as the original cover did.

Mind you, the new stuff isn't bad; it just hits a different vibe. I see that vibe enough other places to make these seem less remarkable than the original art. However, time will tell, I suppose.

(Mind you, all this is being said with me STILL not having read "Bitter Seeds" yet. Yeesh. I need more days in the week.)

(Also, I must note the the verification word for this post is "rumpots". Not germane in the least, but it tickles my fancy to no end. ;)

Douglas Hulick said...

I hadn't noticed the change in the typography change until Aidan mentioned it. Good catch, and I concur. That is part of the impact of the original as well.

Travis said...

I really liked the original cover art for Bitter Seeds but after reading the story these Mcgrath covers are Sweeeeeeeet! Wish the one with Gretal would have been more of a side shot though, her wires kinda make her look like she has wolf ears.... but that is a stupid little thing. This cover art is pretty sic. I for one cannot wait for The Coldest War. Hope it comes out soon!

Travis said...

Sorry, Let me clarify... The cover art for Bitter Seeds does not show my complaint, the full original art on McGrath's website does though...

Brad Beaulieu said...

I'm a bit mixed. I *really* liked the original. It was really eye catching for me. While I like these, I will admit that they have a similar feel to a lot of the covers that are coming out for the "young crowd." They appear to be trying to capitalize on the Twilight generation. Young, sexy characters in young, sexy poses, with some fantasy/sci-fi elements thrown in for good measure. My only hope is that they grab some audience, because Ian's work deserves a wide audience.

Patrick said...

Longest book cover discussion ever? A few points

1) If you haven't read Bitter Seeds do so.
2) If you haven't read Bitter Seeds and are continuing to read this comment, you suck.
3) I'm not a huge fan of the original cover but this Mcgrath Art is much worse.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh if they don't continue the trilogy with the original covers I'm going to be pissed.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the original hardcover art was awesome and that the new art for Bitter Seeds is ho-hum. BUt The Coldest War rocks.

CPsycho said...

Bummed in the change of cover-art direction but I understand. Honestly, it was the cover art and text font that got me to pick up the book in the first place. Glad I did.