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A Song of Ice & Fire Poll Results

So just who does everyone think George R.R. Martin has ruined the life of the most during the events of A Song of Ice and Fire? Apparently, Catelyn Stark as she finished out on top with 38% of voters while Arya Stark came in second place with 30%. It was neck and neck with them for nearly the whole week of voting with Arya in the lead until the last two days when the Catelyn fans came on strong.  Third place went to Ned. Oh, Ned you were much too loyal this world. And it was no surprise that Joffrey and Cersei came in last place with 1 vote each, which shows everyone thinks he is a little shit and she is Queen Bitch. Heck, Hodor scored 2 votes. Here are the full results.

Catelyn Stark  (38%)
Arya Stark  (34%)
Ned Stark  (18%)
Sansa Stark  (13%)
Tyrion Lannister (12%)
Bran Stark  (10%)
Jon Snow   (6%)
Daenerys Targaryen  (4%)
Rickon Stark  (4%)
Jamie Lannister (4%)
Hodor  (2%)
Cersei Baratheon  (1%)
Joffrey Baratheon  (1%)

Note the percentages don't add up as I allowed people to vote for multiple characters. Also, keep in mind this poll was just about done when A Dance With Dragons was released so those events weren't factored into many people's votes. I doubt it would have changed much, if at all, though.

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Leah F said...

On the whole, her suffer quotient isn't very high, but I didn't think Myrcella deserved to be facially scarred for life in AFFC.

Mad Hatter Review said...

Yeah, Myrcella definitely didn't do anything to deserve what she got. But did Bran or Sansa. Well, maybe Sansa did.

Alexandra Shostak said...

Hahaha! This is a great poll! I'm only sorry I came to it too late to vote! It's a tough one between a lot of the Starks, since Martin has certainly thrown a lot of crap at them. As something of a villain lover, I'm even persuaded to pity Jaime Lannister. Sometimes.