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POLL | Who has gotten the worst of it in A Song of Ice and Fire?

Please note: some spoilers may be likely in the comments so if you aren't caught up to at least A Feast for Crows you may want to avoid them.

I've been re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire in anticipation of next week's release of A Dance With Dragons, as have legions of other fans. While reading the infamous Red Wedding scene in A Storm of Swords late the other night I got to thinking who has been through the worst of it? Who has George R.R. Martin really screwed over? Who has had the toughest life since the story began? There are a lot of different ways to go. Firstly, there are the children, but Daenerys is basically still a child when A Game of Thrones opens, although she quickly matures. I've personally always had a soft spot for Bran. But Catelyn sees and goes through a lot and is one of the few who understands all of the implications of the events. Still my vote goes to another which, I'll go into in the comments.

In the upper left corner I've added a poll for you to make your selection. I tried to stick to the main players, but really everyone in Westeros is effected by the events from the highest echelon families right down to the beggars in the streets of Kings Landing. Anyway here is the selection:

Catelyn Stark
Ned Stark
Arya Stark
Sansa Stark
Tyrion Lannister
Jamie Lannister
Cersei Baratheon
Joffrey Baratheon
Daenerys Targaryen
Jon Snow
Bran Stark
Rickon Stark
Hodor (You can't leave him out)

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Mad Hatter Review said...

Again if you aren't caught up on the series steer away from the comments.

Mad Hatter Review said...

My choice is Arya without a doubt in my mind. She is still at a tender age being only 9 or 10, but beyond that she is the one most separated from everything and everyone she knows. She lost her wolf, her sword, and her family. Leaving her with nothing and nothing to hope for except her revenge. She witnesses Ned's fate and is outside of the Red Wedding though she doesn't know the true outcome of that event. She's captured more times than I can count and witnesses probably more than a hundred deaths, at least. Sure she's got cunning and willfulness, but given everything I'd have gone mad long before.

Anonymous said...

Catelyn, Catelyn, Catelyn! She gives all and losses everything.

Ricky said...

I'm with you on Arya all the way. The little girl makes me feel like a little boy.

Anonymous said...

Bran's is broken. End of story.

Mad Hatter Review said...

Yes, but Bran becomes something more as he grows.

It must be a tough life though with Hodor ramming your head into doorways though.

HODOR said...

Hodor Hodor Hodor.

Anonymous said...

Catelyn bar none. Her love of her children and Ned was her life. Having that ripped away and thinking all of her children dead except Sansa (who is a hostage), grief just consumes her. Then she dies of a horrific death and resurrected as Stoneheart with the knowledge that everything that she loved is gone. It is no wonder that whatever compassion Catelyn had is gone. I find her the most tragic of all of the characters.

Anonymous said...

***Dance With Dragons Spoiler***
Theon Greyjoy has had it pretty rough. He goes from handsome Prince, heir to the Iron Isles and Lord of Winterfell then sees it all taken away from him. You know what's happening to him through Feast but to actually see it in Dance is brutal. And there he stands, no crown, no castle, no name. And seven fingers.